Dallas Comic Con October 2006

--Serenity SPOILERS below--

I took this pic Sunday afternoon at Ron Glass' Q&A session, and videotaped the entire thing. I also recorded the audio separately using my digital recorder. Unfortunately for both the video and audio, Ron neglected to use the microphone. So, while it sounds pretty good anyway, it's obvious the few times he uses the mic how good it could have sounded.

When I did my Adam Baldwin, Kenny Baker, and Peter Mayhew Q&A video last year, I took time to split them into clips, but I didn't get them in their entirety. For Ron's, on the other hand, I haven't had time to split it up, but at least I got it all. Right now, all I offer is the full audio. For a 35-minute video to look and sound decent and not kill my bandwidth, I need to spend some time cutting it up into short clips.

Ron Glass Q&A


1. Download the mp3 version. (34:55 - 32 MB) - I don't recommend trying to play it right from your browser, because I don't have this on a streaming server.

Feel free to save to your hard drive, put on your iPod or other mp3 player, distribute to friends, whatever. Just give credit and a link, please.

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For those who care about the technical end, my recorder was an Olympus DS-20 (same as the more ubiquitous DS-2, but with twice the capacity), about 20 or 30 feet from Ron, and he did not use the PA system. I used the Rode VideoMic, and it picked up everything, including the constant hum of a building's inner workings that we don't normally notice. I converted it from its original WMA format to an MP3, for wider compatibility. This causes a slight drop in sound quality.