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Dallas Comic Con October 2005

--Serenity SPOILERS below--

I took some pics throughout Sunday afternoon and videotaped parts of the Q&A session with Adam Baldwin, as well as Kenny Baker (R2-D2) and Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca).

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Blog Entry

I recap the event in this blog entry.


10 Pictures - Mostly candid shots of various stars and former stars.

Adam Baldwin Q&A videos

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Your choices

1. Download the whole video (7:29 in 12.38MB). He spoke much longer than this, in case you wondered.
2. Choose individual clips below. Whatever you choose, feel free to save to your hard drive, distribute them to friends, whatever. Just give credit, please.

Did you have input on what your character said or did? (0:09 seconds in 288KB) - Earlier, he had joked that he didn't have a crush on Inara, but his character did.

Were there any alternate character deaths? (1:57 in 3.2MB) - He starts by recounting the characters' injuries.

Why are there no horses in Serenity? (0:50 in 1.4MB) - Too much western flavor?

Do you feel the movie was a good compressed version of what you and Joss and everybody wanted to do with the show? (0:45 in 1.2MB)

What kind of extras will be on the Serenity DVD? (0:35 in 1MB)

Will there be commentary on the Serenity DVD? (0:30 in 848KB) - Again comments on a certain character's death.

Can you comment on the comparisons made between Serenity and Star Wars? (0:36 in 1MB)

What are some of your favorite behind-the-scenes moments from the show and the movie? (1:18 in 2.1MB)

Same as above, but with Jynks asking the question. (1:32 in 2.5MB)

Would you rather make a second movie or another season? (0:44 in 1.2MB)

Kenny Baker and Peter Mayhew Q&A videos

These guys were entertaining in a different way from Baldwin.

Download the whole video (11:08 in 18MB). This is more polished than the Baldwin video, because I spent more time on it. I have not had time to render the individual clips into separate files yet. Don't know when/if that will happen. Of course, feel free to save it to disk and then distribute at will.

Topics include:
  • Commenting on George Lucas and Irving Kirshner
  • Baker comments on being R2-D2 and the size of the unit, and tells why he turned it down at first.
  • Baker tells about playing Dopey on ice and other parts of his career.
  • Baker expresses delight in getting involved in conventions (I didn't get the part where he said that they originally were told not to take part)
  • Mayhew shares his favorite things about playing Chewy (Chewie?), particularly in the cold of Norway in TESB and the danger of being mistaken for Bigfoot filming ROTJ.
  • Baker tells how he lost the part of Wicket in ROTJ, and the nightmare of working in an Ewok suit.
  • Mayhew relates the story of how people thought he was dead.